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Many professionals often assume that they know what their clients want.  

For many years, so did we.  

Then we asked.



What we heard from most sellers was for us to make the sale of their property as Simple as is possible. Price and time on the market was also repeatedly noted.

We are undertaking a re-evaluation of how the selling process works for both our client as well as our brokers. 



One aspect of making things Simple is to be specific.  It is not enough to say that we provide "excellent service." After all, what does that service entail?

During our interviews with sellers, we provide them with our Red Box.  In addition to helpful guides, examples of forms, and so forth, we also provide a specific list of actions for the first six weeks of marketing.  Each property is different and may require different plans.

During our interview, or shortly thereafter, we will detail any plans for open houses, broker luncheons, internet promotion, and other specific.

We look forward to asking you what you need.



Sellers are encouraged to review our Client Policy Guide. The guide states our firm's policies on agency (who works for whom) as well as making you aware of definitions and issues that you may run into during your home transaction.